DO NOT HIRE JANIE DIAZ is a website dedicated to preventing companies and individuals from hiring Janie Diaz for their content marketing.

Janie Diaz is a con artist that took on work with 50% of the fees paid to her upfront and did not produce any of the work that was assigned to her.

who is janie diaz

Janie Diaz is a one-stop-shop for fraudulence and deception.

She is a freelancer from Phoenix, Arizona, allegedly specializing in content writing and SEO copywriting. She has her own company called Jane Antonia LLC. While her LinkedIn reviews appear promising, which is what I (mistakenly) relied on, too – do not be fooled. Janie Diaz is unreliable, disorganized, disinterested, and entirely unprofessional.

THIS IS MY proof

Nobody should be expected to believe that Janie Diaz is a thieving con artist who took on work with a 50% advance payment, only to find excuses to never produce any of the work she committed to do for several weeks.

Click here to see screenshots of our conversation on Skype.


My name is Amir and I run a successful digital marketing company.

While I have not disclosed my full name for privacy purposes, I am easily found online for those of you who wish to exercise their due diligence.

why have i created this website
  • Being aware of a fraudster with a large platform morally and ethically binds me to warn every other fellow company owner to stay away from Janie Diaz.
  • In order to compensate for some of my wasted money and time, I will use this website to link back to some of my own websites in order to enhance my visibility on the search engines.
examples of my websites

Some examples of the websites I own are:

  • SurvivalMarketplace.com which revolves around high-end survival products and equipment in cases of catastrophes;
  • TheCelebTimes.com, a celebrity-niche website that focuses on providing excellent content in the form of biographies and most searched questions about A-list celebrities;
  • BritishLasers.com, a website that provides customers with high-quality lasers and IPL machines, as well as all the equipment and training necessary to operate them.


Janie Diaz is a highly unprofessional, deceiving, and manipulative con artist. Do not make the same mistake as I did – save your money and your business and stay away from Janie Diaz.